Tidbit Tuesday! Whatever It Takes

“Fine.” Her fiery eyes were glassy with tears as she turned to face the edge. Though her shoulders were set in stubborn determination, Sebastian could see that her hands were shaking. She rocked back and forth a few times from one foot to the other, biting her lower lip as she stared down at the…

Graham’s Dutch Oven Pasta Bolognese With Fresh Papardelle

because “the pasta is everything” Happy beginning of summer, everyone!! That sentiment doesn’t mean a lot thanks to the entire world coming to a virtual standstill for the past couple of months. But even a global pandemic can’t come between me and my love for food, and no better time to test a recipe than…

And There You Were is Available on Amazon!

I am so excited to announce my third novel, And There You Were, is FINALLY available for purchase on Amazon! It was a long journey, but it was so worth it, my friends. Seeing an idea that started as just a few scribbles in my composition book come to life is like a dream come…

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