Hey there.

I’m Samantha. I live in North Carolina and spend the majority of my time at the beach with my family. I enjoy reading books or watching movies with my favorite fuzzy blanket, a cup of tea, and my monster cat curled up on my lap in all kinds of weather, but especially thunderstorms. I love treasure hunting in thrift shops, vintage muscle cars, and all things Marvel and Disney. I sing All. Day. Long. I do my best brainstorming for book ideas in the shower, which I refer to as my “think tank.” I have two tattoos and a list of others I want. I love playing sports but not watching them, and I am (Monica playing ping-pong in Barbados) competitive. Music gives me life. I hate cooking, but I LOVE to eat. Dessert comes first, my friends. I’m an old soul, a helpless romantic, a proud nerd, and a child at heart. My favorite dinosaur, in case you were dying to know, is a Triceratops.

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